Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority for Harrisburg (ICA) Adopts Mission and Priorities Statement


Contact: Jeffrey Stonehill, Authority Manager

Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority for Harrisburg

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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – At their regular Board Meeting on Wednesday, November 20, 2019, the Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority for Harrisburg adopted a Mission and Priorities Statement, which will guide their work in assisting the City of Harrisburg in achieving financial stability.

“The document includes an articulation of three themes,” according to Authority Manager Jeffrey Stonehill.

  1. Sound financial management and reporting.
  2. Community and economic development.
  3. Operational excellence

“We are pleased to recognize the City’s significant strides on its fiscal integrity to-date,” said Chairperson Audry Carter. “The City has a balanced budget, and is able to project balanced budgets for the next five years.

“This statement encompasses the ICA’s priorities going into 2020 for the City’s continued financial recovery. It has been developed in consultation with the City and stakeholders.”

The statement was adopted unanimously by the five member governing board.

The current issues noted in the Mission and Priorities Statement include:

  1. Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement with the City.
  2. Authority’s annual report.
  3. City’s Five-Year Financial Plan.
  4. City’s Community and Economic Development Plan.
  5. Financial management and reporting.
  6. Program management with federal funding.
  7. Information technology infrastructure.
  8. Debt load and restoring access to credit markets.
  9. Labor agreements.
  10. Privatization initiatives.
  11. Intergovernmental cooperation opportunities.


Mission and Priorities Statement (1029 downloads )

About the ICA

The ICA, composed of members experienced in finance and management, advises the City of Harrisburg, the General Assembly and the Governor concerning solutions to fiscal problems the City of Harrisburg may face.

The powers and duties of the Authority are exercised by a governing board composed of five appointed members. All five members are residents of the city and/or have their primary place of business or employment in the city. In addition there are two ex officio, non-voting members of the board representing the city and the Secretary of the Budget.

The governing board of the Authority employs an Authority Manager and Independent General Counsel to assist them in their mission.

If you have any questions about the Mission and Priorities Statement, please contact Authority Manager Jeffrey Stonehill at