About Us

The Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority for Harrisburg (the Authority) is a public authority and instrumentality of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Authority was created for the general purpose of fostering the fiscal integrity of the City of Harrisburg, pursuant to the Intergovernmental Cooperation Authorities Act for Cities of the Third Class (Act of October 24, 2018, P.L. 751, No. 124).

The Authority, composed of members experienced in finance and management, advises the City of Harrisburg, the General Assembly and the Governor concerning solutions to fiscal problems the City of Harrisburg may face.

The powers and duties of the Authority are exercised by a governing board composed of five appointed members. All five members are residents of the city and/or have their primary place of business or employment in the city. In addition there are two ex officio, non-voting members of the board representing the city and the Secretary of the Budget.

The governing board of the Authority employs an Authority Manager and Independent General Counsel to assist them in their mission.


Audry K. Carter


Ms. Carter runs AQuire LLC, a consulting firm specializing in helping organizations enhance their operations and maximize fundraising potential. She is a resident of the Italian Lake neighborhood in Harrisburg. She was appointed to the governing board of the Authority by Governor Tom Wolf.

H. Ralph Vartan


Mr. Vartan is Chief Executive Officer of Vartan Group, Inc., a multi-disciplinary real estate investment company. Mr. Vartan resides in midtown Harrisburg. He was appointed to the governing board of the Authority by Rep. Mike Turzai, Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Kathy Speaker MacNett


Ms. MacNett is an Attorney and Managing Partner at the law firm Skarlatos & Zonarich with offices in Harrisburg. Ms. MacNett lives in Harrisburg. She was appointed to the governing board of the Authority by Rep. Frank Dermody, Minority Leader.

Douglas E. Hill

Authority Member

Mr. Doug Hill is the retired executive director of the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP), a post he held for nearly 36 years, from 1984 to the end of 2019. Prior to that he was director of research and later chief lobbyist for the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs. He was appointed to the governing board of the Authority by Sen. Joe Scarnati, President Pro Tempore.

Karla Hodge

Authority Member

Ms. Hodge works for the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Council 13 where she serves as Assistant Executive Director. Previously, Ms. Hodge worked at Local 1224, PHEAA, for 13 years. She was a full-time union president there, before becoming staff representative at District Council 90 in 2002. She was appointed to the governing board of the Authority by Sen. Jay Costa, Democratic Leader.

Marita Kelley

Authority Member Ex-Officio
Director of Finance
City of Harrisburg

Mark Ryan

Authority Member Ex-Officio
Special Advisor to the Budget Secretary
Governor’s Budget Office
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania


Jeffrey Stonehill

Authority Manager

Jeffrey Stonehill was appointed Authority Manager in April 2019. Mr. Stonehill continues working for the Borough of Chambersburg as the Borough Manager and Director of Utilities. He is an ICMA Credentialed City Manager with over twenty-years of experience managing municipalities in Pennsylvania and New York.

Michael J. Cassidy

Legal Counsel

Michael Cassidy transitioned to general counsel in May 2022.